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Our Top 3 Tips for Beginning A Career in The Music Industry

Starting out in the workforce is tough. Starting out in the music industry? Even tougher. So, how does one prove their worth…

Do your research.

The music industry is constantly evolving. It’s a given that one should be aware of the trends. However, it’s not enough. In order to really stand out and do great work you need to be ahead of the game and predict the trends. Similarly, in the marketing industry there is new technology coming out every day that can and will affect the marketing strategy for events, clothes, everything. Therefore, you need to do your research. Being completely aware of the industry you are in, where it’s been and where it’s heading is crucial for excelling at work.

Don’t doubt yourself.

Especially when starting a new job, it’s common to feel intimidated. Universities don’t exactly teach you how to write a campaign brief so it’s understandable you’ll start to question your abilities. However, companies know when they take a graduate or an intern on that they don’t have a lot of work experience. They choose you for your potential and are, hopefully, dedicated to helping equip you with the skills to create a career and become a beneficial member of their team. So, breathe. Take everything your boss tells you in. If he asks you to do something, do it, straight away. You might not be able to start negotiating contracts with clients immediately but that’s not what you were hired for. Excel at the tasks you’re given and you’ll slowly become more confident and be given bigger tasks and have more responsibility.

Ask Questions

Asking for help is not an indication of weakness. It’s a lot easier to right a mistake before you make it then have your boss find out later. Doing everything on your own isn’t smart. You’re young. You’re here to observe, learn and ask questions. Additionally, learning from experienced elders is a priceless education that should be cherished. Your colleagues possess a wealth of knowledge and, unless they’re crazy busy, are more than likely to want to share this knowledge with you. Here at The M Agency we’re extremely lucky to be led and taught by Emma Triggs who has worked in Global agencies, held the position of Director of Advertising at Sony Music Entertainment and has been running an incredibly successful marketing agency for almost 20 years.

So, do your research, be confident in your abilities and learn as much as you can. You never know, one day you could be managing your own agency…


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