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The M Team's Hottest 100 Votes

If you’re not familiar with Tripe J’s Hottest 100 then here’s everything you need to know.

It’s an annual music poll run by Triple J radio station and has been long running since 1988. The most popular voted 100 songs that have been played on Triple J in the prior year are counted down live on air January 26th every year (Australia Day). Over two million people voted in 2014 and it is considered one of the greatest Australian music democracies. The countdown is accompanied by guest artist appearances and call ins from fans and it’s a great way to support Australian artists.

It is considered an Australia Day ‘ritual’ for a lot of Australians when most people hit the beach, hang out with friends or go out to listen to the countdown live and hear if their votes made the top ten.

This year the team at The M Agency have carefully and thoughtfully hand picked their top ten Hottest 100 votes for 2017 below.


Name: Madeleine Corrigan
Age: 23
Role: Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
Fav Genre/s of Music: Everything – from rap to country. If a song has a good beat, a catchy riff or poetic lyrics – I’m into it.

Every year selecting the top 10 songs is near impossible for me. As a musician I’d like to show my appreciation to all the incredible artists played on triple j in the past year that made some beautifully written music. So I’ve chosen the most thought-provoking, emotionally moving, spine-tingling, hair-raising and all around banger tracks.

Chance The Rapper – Angels {Ft. Saba}
Here’s an absolute mood changer. Chance spits fire and the hook is just catchy enough to not irritate you after one chorus. He raps lyrics of substance and his voice is iconic.

Favourite Line: “Clean up the streets so my daughter can have somewhere to play. I’m the blueprint to a real man.”

DMA’S – Too Soon
One of my favourite artists – I mean it, they’ve made me cry more times than I’d comfortably admit. I’ve followed them to Coachella. This whole album is phenomenal and there’s not a track that I dislike, obviously I had to narrow it down so here’s the most contrasted, angst filled track.

Frank Ocean – Solo
Good heavens. What a beautiful song. It’s sounds like a Christmas carol. Aside from this being remarkable song writing, the simple accompaniment and Ocean’s impressive range are the perfect combination.

Favourite Line: “Forgot to tell you, gotta tell you how much I vibe with you and we don’t gotta be solo”

Glass Animals – Life Itself
Rarely can I play the bejeezuz out of a song and still happily listen every time its on. This song is the perfect combination of synth pop, indie and hip hop. All it makes me want to do is crump? And I don’t know how to crump.

Halsey – Love Yourself {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Undoubtedly a huge banger and if you’re still that person that lies to themselves every day and says that you don’t like Justin Bieber just wake up to yourself mate. Anyway, the song was such a hit and Halsey covered it for like a version on Triple J. She switched up the time signature and lyrics and tbh I almost like it better than the original.

Kendrick Lamar – untitled 03 05.28.2013.
Probably the greatest shock of 2016 (nah just kidding Trump wins that one) – Kendrick Lamar releasing the surprise album untitled unmastered. Kendrick’s flow and lyrical talent still blows me away. For me, I think this song is an honest, personal portrayal about the rap industry, Kendrick’s rise to fame and turmoil that came with it.

Favourite Line: “See you thinking too much plus you too full of yourself Worried about your career, you ever think of your health?”

Mac Miller – Dang! {Ft. Anderson .Paak}
It’s just damn funky. You can’t deny it. Anderson .Paak’s verse destroys.

Northlane & In Hearts Wake – Refuge
One of my favourite collaborations of 2016 was Northlane & In Hearts Wake. If you don’t like metalcore music, I understand, but I firmly believe this song may turn you. The lyrics (Somewhat difficult to make out) are a poetic, thought-provoking message about refugees.

Favourite Line(s): “Waves of poverty, of hope and desperation Waves of tragedy, of death and desolation Waves of fugitives forced to flee their broken homes Hostile humankind can’t you see you’re f*cking blind Hostile humankind thinking with a narrow mind”

PUP – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will
Just a song you want to mosh to really. Canadian punk rock band PUP produced an impressive high-energy album in 2016 that scored them a huge following. This song is just a fun song with an attitude and hooky guitar figures. It brings back some pretty angry teenage memories and I love it.

Favourite line(s): “For a second, let’s be honest Nothing will clean your filthy conscience Everything you do makes me wanna vomit And if this tour doesn’t kill you, buddy, I’m on it”

Violent Soho – Blanket
Waco would be one of my other favourite albums of the year. These guys nail it. Every track is perfectly executed AND they perform it phenomenally. Support your Aussie artists.

Favourite line: “Well I’m gonna take my time And I’m gonna live my life”


Name: Claudia Campbell
Role: Account Manager
Age: 31
Fav Genre/s of Music: Pop Punk

The struggle is real when choosing my top 10 songs for the hottest 100. When I get stuck, my plan of attack is reflecting on the gigs I went to throughout the year. I visualize the songs that gave me full body sweats from dancing, singing/screaming the hardest. Those songs are the sounds that shaped my year through the good & the bad.

Hard Aches, The – Glad That You’re Gone
I chose this song because I probably hit repeat on this song the most in 2016.

Hard Aches, The – Alcohol & Cigarettes
I chose this song because I couldn’t get enough of this album all year and couldn’t decide between all of the songs on the entire album.

Hard Aches, The – I Freak Out
See above…

Camp Cope– Done
If I could be a chick in a band, it would be this band. I first discovered these awesome chicks at a Hard Aches show at Black Wire records early last year and then again at I Love Life Festival in September; I fell in love with them!

Amy Shark– Adore
Gives me the feels on a rainy day.

Smith Street Band, The– Death to The Lads
Saw the film clip to this and became obsessed with this song… massive fan of this band and it’s the only song they released last year (I think).

Tash Sultana– Jungle
I think this goes unsaid.

William Crighton– Woman Like You
Saw William live for the first time at Dashville Festival in 2015 and can’t get enough of him since. I try and go to every show he plays; he’s absolutely captivating live.

Nahko & Medicine for the People– Love Letters to God
Discovered these guys at Blues Festival Byron Bay last year and this song brings back my favourite memories of the time spent at the festival.

All Our Exes Live in Texas– The Devil’s Part
These girls are amazing & so much fun to see live



Name: John Makarainen
Age: 24
Role: Media Assistant
Fav Genre/s of Music: Electronic, House, Future Bass, Metal, Garage, Progressive Rock

Like everyone else I find it hard to narrow down my ten votes for the year. I always find it such a fun thing to look back on the year in music and make my selections and always try to think really hard about what I actually enjoyed, not just what is fresh in my mind because it was released in the latter part of the year.

Camp Cope – Done
Camp Cope are such a cool band that Claudia put me on. The vocal in this song for me is by far its best element. Georgia Maq has amazing range and this song really showcases it.

Flume – Never Be Like you 
You have to give a nod to Flume for this one, It’s not always easy to have a radio hit without compromising your integrity as an artist but I think he nailed it. Also shout out Kai for the vocal, I’m sure this track would not have had nearly as much power without it.

Drake – 9
Favourite song from Views, It’s amazing album and drake Is an animal. His producer/partner in crime 40 is equally as important, if you are a drake fan you essentially are a 40 fan just as much.

Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends
This is my pick of the year for so many reasons. Chance is an artist first in every way, that’s why this song is so amazing. Show me someone else who can make a track like this and ill bow down, absolute genius and an amazing performer.

Violent Soho – Slow Wave
I’m so late to the party on how good Violent Soho is, embarrassingly enough. This is the first album of theirs that I fell in love with and still play it all the time. This song has an amazing chorus, really speaks to the angsty kid within me haha.

AlunaGeorge – I Remember
Everyone knows Alunas vocals are amazing, with flume taking care of the production the track gets the juice it needs. 10/10

ZHU – In The Morning
ZHU is by far one of the most talented people in the music biz ATM. His production chops are unparalleled and he does all his own vocal which is ridiculous! Saw him live at BTV and he blew everyone away so crazy, worth a vote.

Mura Masa – Love$ick Ft. A$AP Rocky
Mura Masa is a boss hands down, the OG version of this song was wild let alone with A$AP as a feature, massive anthem.

Alex Lahey – Wes Anderson
Im a huge Alex Lahey fan and this song sums her up perfectly for me, her vocal is so raw in this one, I love it. Saw her at BTV as well, she was amazing

Golden Features – Wolfie Ft. Julia Stone
I wasn’t gonna vote for this one in the beginning because it was a big change for Golden to produce such a tight pop song but it grew on me after a few listens. It shows his skills as a musician that he can work like this as well as make grinding house.



Name: Marietta T-Kapeli
Age: 24
Role: Account Manager
Fav Genre/s of Music: Hip Hop and RnB

My overall choices still shows my love for Hip Hop and RNB, but also reflects new music I discovered in 2016, I am surprised there isn’t as much Drake as I thought.

Drake – Fake Love 

Drake – One Dance 

The Drake obsession is real! One Dance is definitely a track I can’t get out of my head and my guilty pick me up track. I couldn’t go past Fake Love either as I eagerly await the release of Drake’s More Life, all in all I just love Drake.

Chance The Rapper – No Problem 

This is definitely my favourite song for 2016 I know every single word. Chance The Rapper was definitely a game changer in the music industry last year and it shows from his epic debut album Coloring Book one of my favourite albums for 2016. This song I feel, is an overall expression on how he has changed the way artists now release their music.

DMA’s Like A Version – Cher Believe 

By far my favourite Like A Version for 2016,  Watching the Like A Version performance I was in complete awe with how well DMA pulled this cover off it is seriously amazing. I had never heard of DMA before and this performance definitely made me a big fan, I just had to add it to my top 10.

Beyonce – Sorry 

I know this would definitely be a long shot to be featured in the Triple J Top 100, but I couldn’t go past Queen Bey, her album Lemonade made my year and this song is definitely one of my many favourites off the album. It is hauntingly good and makes you question who Becky with the good hair really is? – Slay All Day Bey!

Cub Sport – Mess Me Up 

Once again another song added to the office SONOS (the many benefits of having a music obsessed office is discovering new music). I just love this song.

Frank Ocean – Solo 

Being that The Channel Orange is one of the best albums ever,  the anticipation for new Frank Ocean music finally came through in 2016. It definitely was a toss up between Solo and Nikes for my vote, but Frank Ocean’s vocals in Solo definitely won me over.

Flume – Never Be Like You

Flume’s music has grown and grown over the years, the sweet vocals of Kai and Flume’s beats work amazing together to deliver this unique track,  also it definitely reminds me a little bit of JT’s “My Love”. My prediction is it will take out the number one spot.

Amy Shark – Adore You 

I first heard it when someone added it to our playlist on the SONOS in the office and I have been hooked ever since. Her voice is something else and the song is truly memorising, it definitely brings the feels.

The Weeknd –  Starboy

I love this song! The Weeknd teaming up with Daft Punk has definitely taken his music to a higher level, the collaboration works really well together, this song definitely was my song for the summer – who else didn’t have this on repeat?


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