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What The Facebook Update Means For Business...

As you may have already heard, there have been some changes on Facebook over the past few weeks, that may start to affect the social presence of brands on Facebook. So, what does this mean for businesses who rely on Facebook as a promotional tool?

In Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement (here), Facebook made the decision to change their algorithm to favour posts from family and friends, rather than pages. This means that organic posts won’t be seen in the Newsfeed as much as they used to be.

This change has been a response to recent observations that Facebook has become too cluttered, creating a passive experience of consuming articles, videos, memes & other public content rather than facilitating “social” interactions with people we care about.

Basically, there are three key take-outs from this:

  1. Less public content in the Newsfeed like posts from businesses, brands, and media. This will include all LNA & Artist pages.
  2. Although there is no mention of Ads, with less public content, the price of buying ads on Facebook is likely to increase due to lower availability.
  3. There continues to be a loophole – influencer marketing.

The M Agency will be monitoring this closely to compare pricing, reach and engagement for all our current campaigns. Our prediction: higher price for Ads, but also higher engagement and ultimately better results.


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