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8 Ways To Make Your Marketing Stand Out

It’s that time of year – Quarter 4, the busiest quarter where artists, tours, releases and brands compete for attention, and attempt to cut-through to reach their target audience.

As we are all in the midst of preparing and executing the marketing plans for our October, November and December announcements and releases, we thought it was the perfect time to compile a list of our top tips for making your marketing stand out during the busy Christmas period.

1. Consider the “Other” Target Audience

With Christmas in the not-to-distant future, the “Other Target Audience” to consider in your marketing plans would be the Gift Givers. As you look at who your target audience is, consider how you might also reach the potential Gift Givers that would purchase those show tickets or that album for their loved one.

A great example of this is the “Michael Buble Christmas Album Phenomenon”…

“Michael Buble’s Christmas has been staggeringly successful in Australia – it’s the second-best-selling album of the 2010s, behind Adele’s 21. It recently went 12 times platinum, having sold more than 840,000 copies. It’s the only Christmas record to ever get to No. 1 in the Australian album charts and it has been at No. 1 at Christmas every year, like clockwork, since it was released in 2011.” 

SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald


2. Leverage your Social Media Following to Generate Content

A great way to engage your followers, achieve cut-through and also ease up the content creation process for your team is to run User Generated Content Campaigns.

One of the best examples of this in action is Tourism Australia’s official Instagram account @Australia. They have simply asked their followers to tag their images with @australia, #SeeAustralia or #RestaurantAustralia. This has then created a pool of content for their social media team to select their content from.


3. Leverage the Reach, Engagement and Authenticity of a Social Media Influencer

A great way to standout with your marketing is to conduct an influencer marketing campaign. An influencer can be anyone from a famous celebrity, to a YouTube or Instagram user with a sizeable following and high engagement.

An example of an influencer campaign executed on a big scale is US non-for-profit Truth and their anti-smoking campaign targeting teens. Recruiting famous YouTube personalities, with a combined following of more than 34.54M, they created an original song titled “Left Swipe Dat”. The influencers then shared the content on their respective social media platforms landing #LeftSwipeDat as a No. 1 Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter.


4. Go Mobile

Nielsen’s latest digital ratings report indicates that in the month of August 2016 just under 14 million Australians accessed the internet via their smartphone, with approximately 219 sessions per person, spending an average of 13.7 minutes browsing each session. (Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly)

This highlights the importance of ensuring your landing pages, creative, copy, email marketing, call-to-actions are optimised to mobile.

5. Look for Opportunities to Add Value to your Traditional Media Campaign

You can extend the reach and impact of your TV and Radio campaigns by considering the other promotional opportunities that may be available.

For example a TV campaign for a tour, album or release will have a stronger impact if it is featured during the airing of a TV Special for that particular artist, as well as accompanied by social media posts on the network’s platforms.

6. Create Opportunities to Influence Point-of-Purchase

Consider the different environments that the “purchase” of your product will take place and see what opportunities are available to impact their purchase decision.

An example of this can include strategically including digital billboards in shopping centre environments where you product will be sold.

7. Look for Media First Opportunities

Another way to make your marketing stand out is to seek out media first opportunities, that have not yet been congested in the market.

With Snapchat recently launching in the Australian market an example of this is their collaboration on the release of the Suicide Squad movie. In the  lead up to the release a “Joker” filter was made available for 24 hours. Jared Leto also assisted in pushing the promotion by releasing his own Snapchat video using the filter.

8. Say it. Say it one more time. Say it again.

Marketing research has shown that messages are more effective when they are repeated (Source: Social Media Explorer). This can best be achieved in your digital marketing through “Remarketing”. In short, Remarketing allows you to show your ads to people who have previously visited your website and shown an interest in your product or service.

These are just some of the ways you can make your marketing stand out during this busy period. If you’d like to discuss how our team can work with you to make your Entertainment Marketing Campaigns stand out, click below.

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