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About Us

We are a communications agency that helps the world’s biggest brands and entertainment companies find better ways to connect with their audiences.

We know what people love, and through this, we create meaningful connections that resonate.

The M Approach

Marketing entertainment, or aligning brands with it, isn’t as easy as it may look.  Each campaign has a unique set of challenges and you need specialised experience to get it right.  We do get it right and that’s why our clients continue to choose to work with us.

– Emma Triggs, Founder, Managing Director of The M Agency


We collaborate.

We innovate.

We challenge today for a better tomorrow.


What We Do

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we’ll get you there.

Our clients look to us for sophisticated insights, creative marketing solutions, fast turnaround and value for their spend.

How We Do It

  • Research, Insights & Audience Profiling

  • Strategy

  • Media Planning & Buying

  • Full Service Digital

  • Social & Content Marketing

  • Media Partnerships

  • Brand Partnership Assistance

  • Communications Support

  • Creative

  • 01

    Broaden your reach

    Increase your potential buyers rather than pigeon-holing your audience.

  • 02

    Educate your audience

    Don’t just give your audience a reason to buy. Give them many!

  • 03

    Create campaigns that cut-through

    Engage in new and innovative ways to ensure you stand out in today’s cluttered communications.

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